Owl's Roost

Approximations of Gender

What terms can you use for me? All terms and pronouns are marked as 'use when funny'. The bottom says 'my gender is comedic and you are all jesters in my court'.

I'm a wearer of glasses chains and head coverings and vivid colors that make your eyes burn if you look too long; a creature that looks at gender, skims a bit off the top, then goes on its merry way to reverse-engineer its own gender from the sample. Woman-adjacent but not a woman, man-adjacent but not a man, eternally painting my own gender lines over the dried residue of the older markings; a walking paradox in all its glory.

I'm the entire genre of hyperpop.

I'm butch.

I'm an alien bedecked in leather and neon, a body that draws the eyes in the throb of electronic music and screeching synths- ethereal, yet somehow grounded in lights and colors. I'll beckon you through the flashing lights and lead you back to a utility closet, wink, hand you a screwdriver, then tell you to slip up to the sound system and dismantle the speakers.

I'm a woman in the same way that a hammer is a woman- a masculine femininity that gets the job done with care and practicality, a utility belt made of clean leather and carabiners, a backpack with all you'll ever need in it.

I'm whatever makes people question the validity of their gender boxes.

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