Setting and Character


"History is mere rumor passed through the ages, a chain of events distorted by the will of the speaker. Some claim that the Weapon's release was an accident. Others, in whispers barely audible, say that everything was planned; that the mass deaths and mutations were intentionally unleashed onto the population. It's a rare few that know the truth of what happened centuries ago, but there's no escaping the stains of history."

Eona is largely a post-apocalyptic planet. Scattered pockets of civilization dot the landscape, but most of the land is wild prairie and forest. What towns exist have barely figured out how to get electricity running again using the remains of civilizations that came before. It's not uncommon to find families living in the rotten shells of skyscrapers that humanity has forgotten how to build.

Rather than a nuclear apocalypse, a "green apocalypse" is what brought down civilization. Nature is thriving. Unfortunately, the ways in which it thrives are outright hostile to human life; the planet's flora and fauna have been twisted beyond recognition by a mutative entity known only as the Weapon. If one is bold enough to go exploring, then it's extremely difficult to venture far into the wilds without encountering monstrosities ranging from tooth-covered flesh beasts to a sentient crystaline hivemind.

To make matters more complicated, spirits roam the world in service of gods whose names humanity has long since forgotten. Many people attribute their activities to magic, and this isn't terribly far from the truth, but the gods insist that they be remembered and obeyed. Living between the mutated earth and feuding skies is a delicate balance indeed.

A mutated flesh horror stalks Kel.


Fudge is nice in that it lets you choose how many attributes you want. I prefer to keep it simple, so I'm using Body, Mind, and Social attributes. Anything more specific will be covered with skills, gifts, and faults. Any skill not listed will be considered to be Poor unless it's normal for everyone to have it, in which case I'll call it Mediocre when it comes up.

Kel is a scout from a little village called Tilston. She's been sent out to find more locations to forage, as the town's farms are having a poor harvest this year and will need to supplement with wild food sources. Unfortunately for Kel, she's unknowingly set out towards some of the oldest ruins in the region, and the locals don't take kindly to intruders.

Mechanically speaking, Kel is a fairly average human. She's physically fit from travelling long distances scouting, so I've given her a Body attribute of Good. She's nothing special intellectually, though. Her home village has some schooling, but she's grown up in the school of hard knocks more than anything else, so her Mind attribute is Mediocre. She's also been a loner since childhood, which is a large part of why she started scouting in the first place. It lets her help her neighbors without seeing them much. She can talk to people, but only barely- she tends to come off as blunt, rude, or awkward. As such, her Social attribute is Poor.

What Kel lacks in social skills and schooling, she makes up for with her skills in more practical matters. She's Superb at wilderness survival and has experience identifying edible plants, tracking animals, and roughing it in the woods for a while. Scouting's given her a Great eye for things of interest. It's hard to slip a change past her. She also has Good knife skills, as it's her main tool and weapon of choice. When she does get into scraps, she prefers to avoid getting hit in the first place, making her Fair at dodging. While she's no expert, she's also Fair with a longbow and Fair at carpentry, having picked up both skills while deciding what to do with her life. She's learned a few other things this way that I'll toss into the statsheet, most of them having to do with knowledge of the world she lives in.

Ironically, Kel is Terrible with animals despite spending most of her time in the woods. Even pets tend to dislike her.

Starting Character Sheet

Body: Good Mind: Mediocre Social: Poor
Superb: Survival
Great: Perception
Good: Knife, Sneak
Fair: Longbow, Carpentry, First Aid, Dodge
  • Well-travelled
  • Doesn't tire easily
  • Good memory for landmarks
  • Terrible with animals
  • Impulsive
  • No manners
  • Fluent in Middle Common
  • Knows a few words of South Common

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